Protective seal elements

Holographic metallic paint works on the principle of light refraction – non-copyability. It is becoming more and more popular as a protection against counterfeiting and serves as a security and protective element – it will significantly increase the prestige of your branded goods, printed materials. These security features cannot be copied or counterfeited by conventional printing and copying machines.

  • microtext – microscopic text, endlessly repeating text that is difficult to read with the ordinary eye
  • guilloche – pen drawing, decorative graphics
  • holographic effect – three-dimensional effect (refraction of light)
  • microperforation – destructive protection in case of unwanted peeling off (seal e.g. for postage stamps)
  • protective paper – containing the pinkest fibres
  • protective watermark – translucent text, logo, graphics
  • numbering – each seal with an escape number (tickets)

Holographic stickers with micro-relief text

One of the protective and safety features of holographic stickers is MICROTEXT. We offer holographic medals in a printing combination with guilloche and hatching. Now your documents will be truly original and absolutely unmistakable. We emboss the protective element of holographic seals/medals with metal foil either directly on the document or on a pre-cut shaped sticker (medal), which can also serve as a seal. The text of holographic seals is only legible under a magnifying glass and can be in contours and with an error element – a three-dimensional effect.

Holographic medals (stickers) are also able to be embedded with micro-relief text including error graphic elements – absolutely impossible to copy!