Business cards

A business card that makes a good business card

Printing business cards and other corporate stationery is one of our core products, and we have been professionally engaged in it for almost twenty years. At REPRESS we have various technologies for the production of business cards and printed materials, from the classic methods of offset, letterpress, embossing, hot stamping – embossing to modern full-colour digital technology with the possibility of embossing – 3D. We electronically archive all the printed materials we create, so you can be sure that your business card, business card, delivery note, receipt, order form, table, issue slip, invoice, folder or even a template for envelope printing is readily available for future use or possible replacement.

Business cards from us in many variants

A business card is an important and original social printed material, especially during the initial contact between business partners. We therefore pay special attention to the design of the name badge and the printing of business cards. Graphically, we will sensitively adapt the business card to your idea and suggest a business card layout, paper design and weight, a suitable method for business card printing and also a suitable material so that the business card retains its personality and impresses your partner. The standard size of business cards is 50×90 mm, or the so-called euro-format 55×85 mm. The usual material for printing business cards is glossy or matt coated paper with a weight of 300 g/m2, but we offer many other types of paper with special textures, such as canvas, pearl, metallic, alumin or porcelain. Additional surface treatment by lamination is also possible. The business card can be embossed with thermal embossing or embossing, mainly used for logos.