Offset printing

Offset printing means

Offset printing is already a classic printing method for most printed materials. REPRESS has been using offset since the very beginning of its existence, when it operated primarily as an offset printer. Offset printing enables single-sided and double-sided printing, single-colour and full-colour printing – CMYK, or offset printing can be supplemented with additional printing colours according to the Pantone colour chart. Our offset press es can print up to B2+ (54×72 cm) on offset paper, coated paper or graphic paper, straight-paper, recycled paper, self-adhesive or structured paper, coloured paper, in the paper weight range from 60 to 350 g/m2, or even on folding carton board up to 0.8 mm thick. We are also able to process the printed matter(folding, creasing, perforation, numbering, sewn binding, glued binding), we are also able to finish the printed matter with a print varnish (flat and partial varnish), or glossy and matt lamination.

Advantages of offset printing

Offset printing is essentially both desktop and indirect printing. A powerful offset press (such as a Dominant or Roland) ensures that the direct ink (CMYK or Pantone) is transferred from the produced form (the so-called metallizer) first to the rubber printing roller, and from there to the paper by contact. The ink can thus adhere to virtually any surface, even if it is not completely smooth, offset printing makes it possible to print even fine details on lower quality paper, the print is colour faithful, high quality even with large colour areas. Offset printing is suitable for larger print runs, from hundreds to thousands of pieces to high volume, virtually unlimited quantities. The great advantage of offset printing for larger print runs is the low cost per piece.

Printed matter for offset printing

Offset printing is the most widely used printing technique, especially for larger print runs. Almost anything can be printed using this method, a small one-colour leaflet, a colour postcard or a full-colour publication. We can print a wide range of printed materials using offset:

  • leaflets and posters
  • delivery notes, invoices, letterheads, letterhead, and other corporate stationery
  • note pads, tickets, brochures, booklets
  • newsletters, magazines, books
  • labels, postcards, folders, calendars
  • folders, receipts, rosettes, stickers

And other merchandise for larger print runs, on various types of paper, black and white and colour, single and double-sided, up to B2+ format (54×72 cm), 60 to 350 g/m2.