Stickers, whatever you can think of

A sticker can often replace a more difficult or even impossible method of printing an object or surface. Stickers are also a desirable promotional product. REPRESS has a variety of materials, finishes and designs for PVC and paper stickers for a variety of applications. Stickers can be used for example in advertising, as labels, on cars, marking products or equipment, relabels, barcode carriers and so on. Labels, car wraps and self-adhesive films, 3D stickers covered with resin are also a special kind of sticker.

At the same time, our technology allows the production of full-colour stickers in photographic quality, in a small number of pieces from the smallest dimensions up to unlimited size at an affordable price and in a short timeframe. We will produce a sticker of any shape using a modern digital method. We will advise you on the material and design of the sticker for your purpose, quantity, desired durability, type of placement and substrate. On request, we will produce a graphic design of the sticker for you.

Sticker design

Stickers can be supplied individually in pieces, as cut plotter graphics for immediate use. For larger quantities it is usual to place pre-cut stickers on sheets for easy removal, or even in rolls. The backing silicone paper can be split on request. We also provide digital shape die-cutting of stickers.

The colour range of stickers includes clear stickers and a full colour range in addition to the classic white backing. The surface of the sticker can be matt or glossy, but especially for advertising purposes translucent or reflective (reflective) is used for light advertising. Stickers have several types of adhesives – from lightly adhesive (semipermanent) to special adhesives. Another case is a magnetic film (for example for temporary use on cars – taxi, police).

However, it is absolutely necessary to choose the right type of self-adhesive film for a specific job. The most widely used stickers include: cast film, rolled film, polymeric rolled film, monomeric rolled film. Other specialty films are: polyester film, PVF film, brittle cast film, hybrid film, and safety film.

Stickers for harsh conditions

For more demanding operating or outdoor climatic conditions (humidity, UV radiation, temperature and mechanical influences), stickers with high adhesiveness, special solvent printing, or with a surface treatment – lamination can be used.