Diploma thesis binding

Bind your thesis online with us, with a 15% discount!

Are you overwhelmed with the last proofreading of your thesis and starting to decide where to print and bind it?

When you order a bachelor’s (diploma, dissertation, rigorous or other student) thesis, you will get a 15% discount. The condition is that you order both the PRINT and BINDER of at least 2 or more identical pieces of work at the same time.

TIP: Use the option to order the production of the plates in advance and the printing and binding itself just before delivery.

“Diploma” – even quality execution can be what makes the difference

The REPRESS bookbinding workshop will be happy to produce, in addition to other bookbinding works, also classic binding of diploma, bachelor, dissertation and rigorous theses + bookbinding of other similar documents.

The binding of the thesis is a classic book hardcover and if necessary also detachable (possibility of changing the sheet). It consists of covers and inner pages – block, or annexes (pocket for CD, pocket for annexes).

We bind the diploma theses in solid bookbinders in various colours, with gold or silver lettering. We offer a total of 36 types of covers, including imitation leather and luxury covers. On request, we can also print the spine of the thesis.

The classic “diploma” is usually in black with gold lettering.

Thesis assignment

For the assignment of the binding of the thesis, it is necessary to attach the text form for the production of the plates and the lined up inner pages of the block. If you do not have the option of printing, we will be happy to print the document in .pdf format in both colour and black and white on high resolution digital machines.

Binding of theses is handled by experienced bookbinders. You can order and pick up your finished diploma thesis at the headquarters of the advertising agency, printing and bookbinding REPRESS or at our COPY COLOR branch.


In order for us to be able to provide you with a quotation as soon as possible, please provide the following information:

  • number of pieces of binding (books)
  • number of lines per cover and, where appropriate, spine
  • the deadline for how long you need to prepare the plates
  • whether you require a CD pocket or an insert pocket
  • whether you will also require us to print the content of the work (you need to know the number of colour and black and white pages)
  • a telephone number to speed up any communication

TIP: The boards can be prepared in advance, we will do the actual binding for you at no extra charge until 14.00 of the next working day.

We accept orders only in electronic form, in PDF format, at diplomka@repress.cz.