Promotional corporate chocolate from Hodonin

Honest handmade chocolate from 100 pieces

We offer you a sweet original gift – small batch handmade chocolate wrapped in aluminium food foil. Private chocolate with your own company logo and graphics on the wrapper or in a gift box. All this based on the tradition of the technology of the former chocolate factory MARYŠA Rohatec.

A wide range of chocolate flavours. From basic milk and 70% dark chocolate to many additional ingredients.

  • Basic milk chocolate
  • Milk chocolate with additives:
    • milk with almonds
    • milk chocolate with grilled cheese
  • Basic 70% dark chocolate
  • Dark 70% chocolate with additive:
    • dark 70% with chilli peppers
    • dark 70% with hazelnuts
    • dark 70% with almonds
    • dark 70% with grilled nuts
    • dark 70% with raisins

On special request, we can also offer exclusive Belgian milk (Belcolade with 36.5% cocoa) and dark (Belcolade Collection Ecuador 71%) chocolate.

All this will be supplied by REPRESS, or a branch of COPY COLOR.

The most desirable chocolate packages are 100 g and 170 g

As a standard, we pack our chocolates in foil with a paper wrapper (150 g gloss/matt) or in a cardboard box (300 g g gloss).

All in your own private packaging and branding. Minimum quantities from 100 pcs, delivery time approx. 14 days after approval of the graphic design of the cover.

Sizes of chocolates offered

We also make small 22 g chocolate bars and luxury sets of 3×70 g chocolates in a plastic gift box.

  • 4 g – small for coffee (from 1000 pcs)
  • 22 g – larger for coffee (from 300 pieces)
  • 70 g – smaller gift (from 100 pcs)
  • 100 g – standard gift (from 100 pcs)
  • 170 g – XXL gift (from 100 pcs)

Chocolate with motif for individuals

For individuals, we have pre-prepared seasonal editions of dark and milk chocolates with the option to personalise your own photo from just 1 piece.

Why chocolate… its history

Chocolate actually starts with the cocoa tree. Theobroma cacao, the name given to this up to 15 tall tree with its special fruit, grows only in tropical zones and is very difficult to grow. The cocoa tree bears fruit all year round, but the main harvest takes place twice a year, in May and November. The fruit grows directly on the trunk, comes in a variety of shapes and incredible colours

Chocolate gourmands are keen on classic dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. But be warned – there is a whole range of dark chocolates too, and focusing on just one doesn’t mean eating only one particular chocolate. The percentage of cocoa varies (70% is considered optimal), and a lot depends on the quality of the cocoa beans, the raw material. In general, dark chocolate should contain at least 35% cocoa solids, but generally, quality dark chocolate is considered to be above 50 % cocoa.

However, we cannot exclude milk chocolate from the elite company of chocolates either, even if the added milk makes it impossible to fully appreciate the taste of the beans used to make it. It should be added, however, that milk chocolate is made using only milk powder, the recipe for which was invented by Henri Nestlé in 1867. Had it not been for this Swiss man, milk chocolate would not have the fame it has today. His colleague, Daniel Peter, succeeded in producing the first milk chocolate in 1875, and since then Switzerland has been the most important producer of this type. The proportion of cocoa solids in milk chocolate is lower than in its darker sister, at around 25%, but it is considered to be of good quality from 30% onwards. At the same time, however, it must contain 14-25 % milk components.