Our Technology

REPRESS has various technologies for printing posters and leaflets. All of them are distinguished by high print quality, in the case of photographs limited mostly only by the graphic resolution of the master.

Offset printing

Offset printing is suitable for larger print runs and up to B2 paper size, i.e. 700×500 mm. Offset paper, cardboard and coated paper of larger weight can be printed on both sides. This method is ideal for large quantities of colour leaflets, the price per piece is very reasonable.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a professional method that allows fast, almost instant full-colour double-sided printing from graphic artwork, practically from one piece, up to SRA format size, i.e. 487×330 mm, on any type of paper up to 300g. It is suitable for small and medium-size posters, leaflets or brochures. You can order them from your own master at our COPY COLOR shop.

The Risograph (RISO) is a device working on the principle of impression and can be used for very fast and inexpensive black and white printing of posters or leaflets in large quantities up to A3 format in sufficient quality.

Large format printing

Large-format printing allows colour printing on paper of standard weight (or even on foil, textile or sticker) up to 137 cm wide, the length of printing on this machine is practically unlimited. You will appreciate this method of printing if you need a smaller number of dimensionally distinctive posters, it is also used for large-scale advertising and billboards.