Wooden boards

In addition to standard cover bindings, we also offer binding made of wooden boards. We can laser your company logo, any text or graphics according to your wishes on the front board.

The shape is completely arbitrary, but we have already tested some standardized dimensions – so that the content can be changed operatively. Laser engraving is absolutely precise and the graphics are basically burnt into the wood.

The wooden panels can be left in their natural state or stained to your desired shade.

The actual binding – the connection – is by means of brass screws, metal spirals, natural jute twine, or a strip of leather. These boards replace traditional book bindings made of coated bookbinding materials, leather, leather and plastic. They are also beginning to be used as family albums, wedding books, family/ancestry books, guest books or just as scrapbooks – it is a natural material that always impresses. We have also already realized covers for books with ecological themes and wooden bindings – Diploma thesis in forestry.

The delivery date is usually within 14 days after approval of the graphics. We will send you a price based on your specification.