Laser engraving

Laser as an ideal tool for engraving promotional or gift items

We are moving with the times and that is why we have been operating LASER – laser engraving, marking, burning and laser cutting equipment at REPRESS for several years. Do you want an original gift or attractive promotional items? Do you need a template? Or do you intend to cut a complex shape out of material according to your needs? No problem for ourCO2 laser. You can either choose your promotional items from our catalogue or, alternatively, supply your material or item yourself. We can engrave a graphic, text or monogram on a glass or wine bottle according to your wishes.

Laser engraving – modern, fast, original and in demand technology

We focus a powerfulCO2 laser on the exact spot where you wish to indelibly immortalize your logo, any text or graphic symbol. During laser engraving, the beam deepens the mark in the material, wood darkens at the point of the drawing, plexiglass and glass get a matt drawing reminiscent of sandblasting. The laser can carve any shape you want up to 735×436 mm. The drawing can be created both linear 2D and spatial so-called 3D or rotary engraving allows us to engrave the entire surface of the bottle or glass up to 360° for a length of 36 cm and a diameter of up to 16 cm.

What to use laser engraving for?

Laser engraving can be used on a wide range of materials – the laser engraver will create a mark in anodised aluminium and other metals – surgical steel, glass, wood, plywood, plastic, leather, rubber, leather, leatherette, special self-adhesive foil or even coated paper or plain cardboard or cardboard. With this method we can produce all kinds of technical labels, signs and labels, menu boards, cut out wine tags and pendants, stamped with logo or inscription advertising pens, luxury PARKER gift pens, glass gift balls, lighters, glasses, mugs, bottles, bottle openers, boxes, even in pieces.

Recently, we have seen an increase in so-called digital laser cutting – without the use of expensive die-cutting tools.

Advantages of laser engraving

  • precision – the laser beam works unerringly
  • touchless – laser engraving does not mechanically burden the object
  • durability – the laser works into the surface structure of the material
  • aesthetics – the burnt motif looks untouched
  • speed of production – for smaller sizes and numbers