Seals (holographic medals)

Marking of objects, packaging, printed materials

And at the same time as a security and protective element not only on diplomas, certificates, certificates or valuables.

These seals can contain your logo, text, image and several levels of security features.

We can deliver seals made in this way either on stickers in sheets or directly on printed stationery, documents.

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We will create your logo in plastic and then print it using metal foil embossing.

Find out more about our seals / medals – security features, technologies used, application options

Like medals (for wine)

Do you want to make your products and goods more visible?

There is nothing easier. Send us your logo, we will create a visualization and after its approval we will print the medals and you just apply – glue.

As (authorization) seal

Do you want to ensure that your printed materials are authorized and not copied?

Our seals do just that. We print up to multiple security features directly on the printed matter. The seal can also serve as a seal.

As a sticker

Are you interested in declaring the originality of your products?

We produce and deliver stamps in the form of pre-cut stickers – sheets. You can thus increase the prestige of your product, packaging.

Many uses of seals

  • packaging industry – labels for wine, honey, plum brandy,…
  • securities – stocks, bonds, debentures, cheques, vouchers,…
  • caps and closures – unforgeable tear tape
  • company stationery – passes, tickets, discount coupons,…
  • product, service, warranty or security certificates

Security features of seals

Holographic metallic ink works on the principle of light refraction – non-copyability. It is becoming increasingly popular as a protection against counterfeiting and serves as a security and protective element – it will significantly increase the prestige of your branded goods, printed materials. These security features cannot be copied or counterfeited by conventional printing and copying machines.