Logo manual

Logo – company brand

A logo is a basic advertising and identification element. It is a simple symbol that is unique and unmistakable. A logo is easy to remember and people will recognize you by your logo. A quality logo that meets modern requirements will become your best business card.

Is a logo needed?

Yes, everyone who wishes to do their advertising well needs a logo. Imagine, for example, that you have a pen printed. If you put a uniform text on it: “Joinery”, “Stonework”, “Hairdresser”, … nobody will associate it with you at first sight. If you have a good logo and a sophisticated corporate graphic strategy, your promotion will be effective and people will remember it.

Logo registration ® trademark ®

If you are seriously interested in creating or modifying your company or even business logo, we highly recommend that you also secure its registration as a trademark, by registering a trademark (logo, name, phrase, brand name) you will obtain a 10-year intellectual property right to the term, logo or business name. More about trademark on Wikipedia.

I want to create a logo and corporate identity

Creating a logo consists of several steps:

  • consultation with you – ideas about the logo design
  • research of the competition and study of the issues of the industry
  • creation of approx. 2 logo designs
  • selection / proofreading of the selected logo design
  • preparation of graphic manual according to requirements
  • submission of the logo in electronic form

I already have the logo, but it’s old.

Nowadays, there are many companies, entrepreneurs and tradesmen who already have their “logo“. However, those whose logo is of poor quality still prevail. If your logo was created many years ago, or was not designed by a professional, it is a good idea to consult whether it would be advantageous to redesign your logo. There are plenty of options to help if your logo is bad.

Logo Rejuvenation / Logo Facelift

  • the logo retains its character
  • the change is noticeable, but the connection with the previous logo is clear

Logo redesign / Logo facelift

  • the logo will change its form
  • continuity is visible e.g. same colour, font

Logo Change / Logo Rebranding

  • the logo will change its form
  • continuity may not be maintained – suitable for generally bad original logos