Labels / Etiquettes

Labels for wine, spirits, beer, limo, water, soda, PET

Wine labels are an important part of our work. We supply labels for small, medium and large winemakers, wine shops, weddings and in considerable quantities for companies as a promotional corporate gift. We provide labels with thermal stamping and seals, which are constantly in demand.

In our graphic studio we can design the label both graphically and in shape to the specific bottle shape. At the same time, we will advise you on the appropriate material. We print and deliver wine labels on paper (wet and dry process, manual / machine gluing) and self-adhesive, as well as on sheets, pre-cut, die-cut and last but not least on rolls for machine gluing. We will already recommend the appropriate technology when you order.

Wine labels for small winemakers too

Recently, there has been a demand for shaped self-adhesive labels in small quantities – from as little as 50 pieces. We print them using digital technology. There is no need for a relatively expensive die-cutting tool, as the machine already performs the shape trimming of the individual stickers – labels. It is also possible to personalize the labels – each label has different data.

What else can we offer winemakers:

Booklet – wine tag

Wine tags are very popular to give the bottle an unmistakable stamp and give the gifted wine an unmistakable originality. We produce both paper tags and wooden tags, which can be of any shape. These are attached to the neck of the bottle with natural twine or bark. Some winemakers also prefer the classic sealing wax seal – we also make stamps for the seal.


Wines bearing a seal clearly have a higher resale value. We supply these seals for the prestigious national wine exhibitions and competitions VINEX, VINAŘSKÉ LITOMĚŘICE, SALON VÍN, NATIONAL WINE COMPETITION and many regional exhibitions. Individual winemakers also have their quality seals made.

Shapes and technologies

The shape of the labels is always adapted to the bottle and the gluing method. The actual design is offset printing, digital printing, letterpress printing, metallic ink printing, embossed plastic printing, it can also include a wipe layer (a surface like a wiping moose). In web printing, it is usually flexographic printing.

Jute, cardboard and wooden packaging

Wine also deserves a nice aesthetic and, above all, functional packaging. Even this wine packaging can bear the company logo.

Wine and beverage list

Wines offered in a wooden wine list are sure to impress any connoisseur.