Large format printing / Billboards

Billboard – large-scale advertising

We will make and implement a billboard of any size you choose – usually a standardized size of 5.1 x 2.4 m – according to your ideas and our experience. Billboard is a form of large-scale advertising where there are large numbers of people, where there is a lot of traffic, in places where you can reach the target group.

A new service we offer is mobile transportable advertising, a new kind of billboard (5.1 x 2.4 m), a billboard on wheels – an advertising trolley with which you can reach many more people – we change the location several times a week – parking lots of large shopping malls, pedestrian zones, around transport hubs.

Large-scale advertising – tarpaulin, car cover, banner

Tarpaulin – banner is a suitable advertising area in a development or where there are no billboards, it can be temporarily placed on a business, fence, poles, etc. It is easy to install. We can supply canvas of unlimited size, we can also produce a self-laminating sheet, print it on large-format machines, we can also provide eyelets and handles for anchoring.

Roller shutter systems – Roll up

Rollers are rigid, mostly tarpaulin carriers and sheets, for mounting on the wall or in practical presentation stands (rollup). They can be easily transported and installed. We offer several standardized stand sizes (most commonly 80/90 cm x 200 cm).

Flags, netting

They are light and stackable, they can replace heavy and leak-proof banners. We print the material of the flags and textile banners, provide folds and handles according to the requirements.

Shield wall – advertising on the facade of the house

We will design and visualize a large-scale advertisement on the gable of the selected house and make a large-scale advertisement (on a tarpaulin with handles) intended for placement in a rope frame.

Large posters and photographs

A form of large-scale advertising for indoors and outdoors for shorter-term use, inexpensive form, we produce on poster paper in any colour using the digital printing method.