Mobile advertising

Mobile transportable advertising

This area is absolutely unmissable with its unique construction and design, destined for advertising and information purposes. It is ideal in urban environments, in densely populated towns and localities, and at one-off cultural and social events – fairs, exhibitions, concerts.

We might change locations several times a week – from parking lots of large shopping malls, through pedestrian zones to the vicinity of transport hubs. All according to the agreement with the customer.


Advertising trolley – mobile eurobillboard 5,1 x 2,4 m

We can launch your advertising campaign within 2 days – you don’t have to search and wait for a free space, which most of the time may not even suit you. It can be very responsive and the campaign can be short-term and have an immediate effect. Moreover, it is confirmed that mobile advertising is 40% more effective than traditional static advertising – and the format is the same – eurobillboard.

Mobile advertising price list:

  • 1 – 5 days – 800 CZK/day
  • 6 – 13 days – 600 CZK/day
  • 14 – 29 days – 400 CZK/day
  • 30 and more days – 350 CZK/day

Mobile advertising technology

  • Paper printing (single usage)
    • price for printing – 950 CZK/piece
    • price for posting – 800 CZK/piece
  • Banner canvas (reusable, customer keeps it afterwards)
    • price for printing – 2.800 CZK/piece
    • price for stretching- 500 CZK/piece
    • for correct stretching and anchoring, the total size is adjusted to 493 x 240 cm

The prices are without VAT

For long-term and numerous rentals individual prices. Please provide data in print quality in PDF. Location and price of placement by agreement.

It is not necessary to have advertising on both sides of the trailer. We will choose the other side of the ad at our discretion.

Advertising trolley as a gift

Have you ever wondered how else to gift your loved one? How about giving a billboard as a gift? An unconventional gift in the form of an advertising trolley – a billboard.

Complete advertising service (graphic design, sticking, delivery to a specific place – in front of the gifted’s window, place of celebration, wine cellar, crossroads, etc…). Quotation on request.